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Well it is FINALLY done!

This little half bath has been on my to do list for awhile. I just wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do in the space. I kept putting it off and was waiting for the inspiration to hit.

Well it hit one day in the form of a super sale on the counter top/sink combo.

I found it at a local thrift store. It is one of those large warehouse stores that companies will donate bulk items too. Not sure where these came from, but I knew it was a great price at $50.

Well that was all it took to kick start the renovation.

In our other bathrooms we ripped everything out, but I just didn't have it in me for this room.

We have hardwood floors downstairs and they are also in the bathroom.

My biggest fear about ripping out the cabinet was the condition of the floors. So we decided to just raise the height of the existing counter.

And honestly it was the best decision.

We took a quick trip to Home Depot and picked up the wood we needed to build the box frame for the sink.

Next came the sink counter top combo. We put the new facet in before we mounted the sink on top. It was much easier.

Once everything was in place, it was time to paint! I just repainted the base cabinet black and added new knobs.

I then painted the entire room and ceiling white. I mean it had to be white. I feel like my entire house is so dark so any room I paint has to be white.

The next day we put in a new white toilet, and the new light fixture, both came from Home Depot

Once all the remodel work was done I could then begin to decorate.

That is the fun part. I really used things we already had around the house.

The mirror was one I had in another room and knew it would be perfect in the bathroom,

and of course all of the decor items were part of my treasures.

I love shopping around my home.

Well there you have it. Honestly is was a pretty easy makeover. I am thrilled with the way it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Updated: Jul 26

Oh boy let me tell you about this chippy, dreamy, up cycled headboard!

When you love chippy you want it in as many places in your home as possible.

This headboard was created by an old fence section. That is right it was TRASH!

Well someone's trash but my treasure!

It actually belonged to a friend of mine and she knew I always wanted it.

One day I got lucky and she asked me if I wanted it! Ummmmm heck yes I want it.

I already knew what I was going to do it with. Ever since the first day I laid eyes on this I knew I needed it to be my headboard.

It was a little wide for our king size bed so we just cut one section of the paneling off & problem solved. And yes I did keep that extra piece of wood to use for another project.

We had to mount a 2"x 4" on the wall so we could then attach the headboard to it.

As you can imagine this baby is HEAVY!

Once the headboard was up I could do a little more decorating to finish off this space. Which we all know if the best part!

The barn picture and sconces above the bed were fun finds from Hobby Lobby.

I don't know if they will always be there, but that is the funnest part about decorating. I love to change this up and shop my home for new ideas.

The pennant pillows are one of my favorite things in our bedroom.

I am a Virginia girl and my hubby is from New York. When I found the Virginia pillow

I started on a mission for New York. Well I didn't find a pillow with New York but I did find the vintage pennant. I snatched it up and knew it could be added to a pillow easily, well I hoped so.

I was thrilled when I realized I had a pillow that would work for the project. This one was long enough to attached the entire pennant. It has a zipper cover so it was easy to take off and sew the pennant on, well my Mom sewed it on. Not gonna lie y'all I don't sew, and honestly why would I when I have a Mom that is happy to help me!

I think they add just the right touch of color, but also they mean so much to us because they show our home state pride.

We are so happy with the way this project turned out. I just love everything about it.

Does everyone love chippy paint?

What have you repurposed lately?

Thanks for stopping by. So happy you are here with me on this journey.


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