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Pam Rodda, artist

-   ABOUT ME  -

hi!  my name is Pam + junker extraordinaire & creator of junktales!  

Welcome to my little {junk pile} of happiness!  

I have a passion for creating ANYTHING!  So many people have said to me " you are so creative"  OR " you made {THAT} out of with WHAT?"  

I guess I just see something in everything!  It can be a bad habit... {well kind of}!


 I decided that I would take my "GIFT" and try to turn it into a business!

I started small with making a few lamps or jewelry for friends.  Helping them redecorate a room, pick a paint color!


I started a blog to tell others about my trips and ramblings around my corner of the world.  The treasures I found, the people I have met!


Those people and the stories they have to tell are such an inspiration to me.  

They keep the history and purpose alive for so many of these items that I choose to re-purpose!   I want these items to stay "alive", keep telling their story, our story, our heritage as Southerners, Northerners....all of us!  

 Some of the things you will see here are for sale.... some are my own collection {hoarder}


Please don't hesitate to contact me.  Drop me a line....

I am always happy to hear from a fellow junker!


ok.... phew!  Thanks for listening.  If you are still with me..... than you are ready to 

J U N K   ON!  

Please enjoy my tall tales!